Wishes do come true, I’ve added a couple of Frenchies to our family.  We are now Absolutely Boston Terriers and  French Bulldogs. This was done over the past 2 yrs. as a lot of research had to be done.  We are so excited to be able to offer French Bulldogs in 2021.  Frenchies go hand in hand with our Boston Terriers as they share common roots in their development in the 1800s.

We expect a litter to be born in November 2021.

We have taken several years developing our Program and selecting French Bulldogs that adhere to our high standards for health and genetics.  Utmost care has gone into the selection and raising of our beloved Frenchies. Frenchie’s make great companions and are very much Velcro dogs and Clowns, don’t get a Frenchie unless you do your Homework.  We specialize in Companion Pets, Puppies prices begin at $6500. for a 9 week old puppy, with Limited AKC Registration, which means spay or neuter agreement.

All the dogs are in my home, and our beloved pets; we do not have a Kennel. We are located in the hills of West Virginia about 100 miles West of DC. We do offer door-to-door delivery at buyer expense. All our puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation from the day of birth. As always we follow the elements of Puppy Culture raising our pups to be good Citizens with Skills. Bathing begins at 4 weeks and nail trimming done weekly till they leave us. They are exposed to other dogs, kids, TV, vacuum cleaning, brooms, radios, and any other household noises, as well as different surfaces. It takes a village to raise puppies in a home environment and thankfully we have family here as committed as I am. My daughter-in-law and son as well as the grandkids are involved. Rob and Stacey have committed to share this experience and look forward to breeding their 2 Beautiful girls next year.  Stacey will take on some of our Media responsibilities. She is an expert at Zoom calls and such and frankly, I don’t have time with planning breedings and births and raising pups.  We are raising our beautiful Wilbur to be our primary sire next year.  Wilbur is a small boy with a big personality. Charlotte will birth later this year and followed by Fern Arabel, yes this is the Charlotte’s Web crew.


If you decide to make an application it does not constitute a contractual agreement or obligation to provide you a puppy or guarantee we will have one for you. It does not obligate you to purchase from us either. We do our best but cannot control litter size, color, gender, or conception. I do not measure my success by the number of winning show dogs I may produce, but by the number of dogs that remain with their family for a lifetime. It is my sole purpose to produce the best companion dog that will provide a lifetime of love and affection, and enjoy good health. As with our Bostonswe breed our dogs to be healthy on the inside first as well as pretty on the outside. We are fully engaged in Genetic testing as a roadmap for our continued success. We are fully aware of the health issues that may affect our Frenchies and have gone out of our way to select the best for our program. We also x-rayed spines to select against multiple Hemivertebrae or missing vertebrae all of which are known to be common inherited deformities of the spine in Frenchie’s. As breeders, we cannot deny this exists as well as DM, ask other breeders if their breeding dogs are negative or have good spines. We also chose our breeding dogs to have open nostrils and BOAS scores of 1 or less, while maintaining the proper head type and expression. All to ensure a happy long life with you!  Our beautiful Charlotte is clear of Genetic defects and has passed all her preliminary X-rays, hips, spine, and elbows as well as proper patella placement. She has no heart or hearing issues. She will have her first litter in Nov. 2021.  

Our Vets Dr. Lesley and Tom Parisi owners of South Branch Animal Hospital are experts in reproduction, and care for and know all my dogs. All the pups get a head-to-toe evaluation before leaving us, as well as their first set of CORE Vaccines. Puppies are expected to be spayed /neutered by their owners when they are at least 10 months of age or more,  I do not believe in early neutering.  When ready to leave us, the pups will have all age-appropriate vaccines, fecal testing a health certificate, and a health guarantee for 1 yr. against any life-threatening genetic disorders. All puppies will be Micro Chipped prior to leaving us and registered with the AKC Reunite program for life, and I pay for this. We breed Traditional colors as well as Exotic / Rare colors, on a very limited basis. These are not Fad colors as the Blues and Chocolates was the Foundation of the Breed. If you know me then you know I actually appreciate the diversity of color in the Breed. Our pricing for Exotics is determined once litter born and evaluated. We do not charge a different price for males or females. We love our babies all the same and refuse to marginalize them by gender. I do not accept any deposits till they are born and at least 2 weeks old, we request a $1000 deposit at that time to hold the puppy of your choice, and the balance at pick up when the pup is 9 weeks. Potty training and crate training begins when they are weaned. Pictures and video will be sent weekly to update you on your puppy’s progress once a commitment is made, and the deposit paid. We can also Facetime with you for an interactive experience as well as Zoom calls. Our puppies will be standard size this year 20-25 lbs.  We will be offering smaller Frenchies next year from Phoe-Bee and Cocoa and Wilbur, 15-20 lbs. I don’t care for the Label of “Micro”, however, Wilbur will be lucky to reach 15 lbs. He comes from a line of small Frenchies, with excellent structure, bone, and type.  

We will be offering, Fawn, Blue Fawn, Chocolate, Blue tan point, Merle, Chocolate tan point, possibly Pied next year,  all on a very limited basis.

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